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USA – Obamacare About to Hit Every American / Obamacare Shutting Down Free Health Clinics / ‘Architect’ Gruber’s Admission Warrants Repeal / Gruber Partner Vivek Murthy Confirmed As Surgeon General

Rep. Erik Paulsen: Obamacare About to Hit Every American

Friday, 19 Dec 2014 06:41 PM By Courtney Coren

Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen says that every American is about to feel the effects of Obamacare when tax season hits in 2015. “As Obamacare begins to come fully into effect, it will be hitting every single American on the cost side as well as on the care side,” Paulsen told Ed Berliner on “MidPoint” on Newsmax TV Friday.

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“The only other good news starting in January — we’re going to have a brand new Congress that’s coming in that’s going to look to address and fix those parts of the law so we can actually grow the economy, have a healthier economy, and also get on the right track with real healthcare reform,” he explained. Incoming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that the first matter he wants to tackle is the Keystone XL Pipeline, which the Minnesota Republican has said will “pass with bipartisan support” with “potentially large margins.”

“For the first time it’s actually going to be put on [President Barack Obama’s] desk and it is tied to jobs and the economy, it’s also going to deal with energy exports down the road which is also going to help our foreign policy move in a better direction,” he added. However, “we’re not going to leave Obamacare sitting on the sidelines, we’ve got to be very clear about that.” “We’re talking about dealing with [Obamacare] bills in the first week, in the first two weeks,” Paulsen explained. “I would expect other legislation — unfunded mandates might be in Obamacare, permitting processes . . . those are all going to move forward in the near future.” The other measure that will likely hit early is “repealing the medical device tax and we also will vote in the House, the very first week that we come back, restoring the 30-hour work week to a 40-hour work week, which is the definition for full-time work, and that’s repealing part of Obamacare right away,” he said. The Minnesota congressman contends that when the Republicans have control of the both bodies of Congress, “Republicans have to prove that they can govern.” “They got to prove they have the trust of those voters that voted for us in November — that we actually will have alternatives and positive solutions,” he said.

“It’s not just enough to say we’ve got to get rid of Obamacare, but we have to be able to convince the public that we’ve got the real answers, and if we can do that, we’re going to see a wide variety of other issues that will help our economy,” Paulsen explained. “Healthcare reform move through as well and that’s an opportunity for us as we set the stage for a new president in two years, which this country really, really needs,” he added.

Report: Obamacare Shutting Down Free Health Clinics

Sunday, 14 Dec 2014 04:31 PM

By Greg Richter

“When we started we said if there ever was almost universal health care, our mission was accomplished,” Good Samaritan co-founder Kerry Humes told the Journal. Dr. Rick Lochala, founder of Ninth Street clinic, told My Pulse News  earlier this year the closure was bittersweet. But other clinics aren’t closing for lack of need. They simply can’t find enough donors since many who had been opening their wallets are now under the impression that universal coverage exists.

“As soon as there was the perception of universal healthcare, the likelihood of receiving donations goes down,” Colin McRae, a board member for Savannah Georgia’s Community Health Mission, which closed Oct. 30. The clinic still had people on a waiting list to be treated when it shut down. Patients in states that didn’t expand Medicaid, though, still need their free or low-cost healthcare, and are finding it increasingly hard to find. And some who are not covered by Medicaid aren’t happy. Sixty-year-old Ella Relford told the Journal she would have preferred to continue seeing her doctor at the Western Stark Free Clinic in Massillon, Ohio. Rather than close, some clinics are finding new services to offer, such as dental and mental health services – and accepting Medicaid patients. “They’re seeing people return to them because they can’t afford their medication or find a provider,” Nicole Lamoureux, executive director of the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics, told the Journal.

The Affordable Care Act is spelling the demise of free healthcare clinics across the country, The Wall Street Journal reports. Of clinics across 28 states, almost a dozen in the past two years have cited Obamacare as their reason for shutting their doors. Both The Good Samaritan Free Clinic in Rock Island, Illinois, and the Ninth Street Ministries Free Medical Clinic in Polk County, Arkansas, shut their doors this year saying their missions were complete. Now that most of their former clients have medical insurance, many through expanded Medicaid, they are no longer needed, they say.

‘Architect’ Gruber’s Admission Warrants Repeal

Friday, 12 Dec 2014 09:26 AM

By David Limbaugh

Instead of using this space to pretend the newly released CIA “torture” report confirms that the United States is the most evil nation in the history of the universe, I’m going to address Jonathan Gruber’s confirmation that he believes we’re all stupid.

Assuming you are not under any rocks or haven’t been in an underground bunker without access to media, you will have heard that Gruber, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the principal architect of Obamacare, made some unflattering comments about his fellow Americans.

At a panel event last year, discussing how the administration was able to secure passage of the Affordable Care Act, Gruber openly admitted that the administration deceived the American people in numerous important respects about the legislation, bragged about the administration’s lack of transparency in the process and outright called the American people “stupid,” which I think is arguably the least of these three sins, though it’s the one getting the most air play.

Read Gruber’s own words: “You can’t do it politically. You just literally cannot do it. OK? Transparent financing and also transparent spending. I mean, this bill was written in a tortured way to make sure (the Congressional Budget Office) did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. OK? So it’s written to do that.

“In terms of risk-rated subsidies, if you had a law which said healthy people are going to pay in — you made explicit that healthy people pay in and sick people get money — it would not have passed . . . Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical to getting the thing to pass . . . Look, I wish (health economist) Mark (Pauly) was right (that) we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

This week, Gruber, tail between his legs, desperately backpedaled before Congress, pretending that he didn’t mean a thing he said, that he had only acted arrogantly in an effort to portray himself as a very smart cookie.

He told Congress: “I’m not an elected official, nor am I a political adviser . . . I behaved badly, and I will have to live with that, but my own inexcusable arrogance is not a flaw in the Affordable Care Act. The ACA is a milestone accomplishment for our nation that has already provided millions of Americans with health insurance . . . It’s never appropriate to make oneself seem more important or smarter by demeaning others. I knew better. I know better. I’m embarrassed, and I’m sorry.”

This is truly insulting, for now he’s also treating us as stupid, not just his fellow Obama voters. When he attributed the passage of the bill to the “stupidity” of the American voters, he was necessarily talking about Obama voters, because the rest of us weren’t going to be persuaded to go along with this socialist scheme no matter how ornately he dressed it up with deceit.

But by telling Congress that he didn’t really mean any of what he said, he and those in the administration he colluded with on this, including Obama, are playing us non-Obama voters for fools, as well. Reread his comments to the panel. There’s no escaping his clear meaning.

He revealed that the administration was very calculating in getting the bill passed. His comments on the panel weren’t throwaway remarks. They show that the administration deliberately and premeditatedly mischaracterized the nature of the mandate to the CBO (as a penalty and not as a tax); otherwise, by Gruber’s admission, the bill would have died.

We non-Kool-Aid drinkers knew this at the time, so this is not news to us. Gruber also doubly reaffirmed the administration’s intention to deceive when he said that he wishes it could have passed the bill by being open and honest about it (transparent) but that the bill would never have passed had the administration been honest. It’s right there in his words, spoken before he got in trouble, not after. Obama and company made a conscious decision to lie because they’d “rather have this law than not.”

So while people are making a big fuss over Gruber’s calling Americans stupid, they ought to be far more outraged that he admitted the administration purposefully lied to us. This is the real story, and it reveals, once again, the character and mentality of this entire administration, for Gruber was speaking not merely for himself but about the entire administration, beginning with Obama.

No one wanted this socialist law more than Obama, and he has shown in every way imaginable that he went to extreme lengths to get it enacted — and he has done the same to keep it in force. We always knew that Obama’s end-justifies-the-means mindset and dogmatic ideological fervor led to his corruption and lawlessness, but now we have his principal Obamacare architect admitting it — and then lamely lying to Congress after the fact in an embarrassingly failed effort to deny he meant it.

This is all disgraceful and underscores how imperative it is that Obamacare be fully repealed and that the newly elected GOP Congress get a backbone and stand up to this cadre of scofflaws.

David Limbaugh is a writer, author, and attorney. His latest book, “Jesus On Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel,” is now available. Read more reports from David Limbaugh — Click Here Now.

Gruber Partner Vivek Murthy Confirmed As Surgeon General

Patrick Howley

WASHINGTON – The Democratic Senate majority confirmed President Barack Obama’s British-born U.S. Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy, 37, Monday evening by a vote of 51 to 43.

Murthy gained prominence as the founder of the doctors advocacy group Doctors for Obama, which later became Doctors for America in its pro-Obamacare messaging efforts. Murthy gained controversy for making anti-gun activism the hallmark of his messaging efforts after the Sandy Hook shooting, marching in step with the White House.

Three Democrats: Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp and West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin voted “No” while Republican Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk voted “Aye.”

Obama released a statement that made it clear Murthy would be relegated to a political messaging role in the administration, with shades of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign talking points.

“As ‘America’s Doctor, Vivek will hit the ground running to make sure every American has the information they need to keep themselves and their families safe,” Obama stated.

Murthy will take on “priorities ranging from stopping new diseases to helping our kids grow up healthy and strong”

“Combined with the crucial support for fighting Ebola included in the bill to fund our government next year, Vivek’s confirmation…”

Here’s another bit about Vivek Murthy uncovered by The Daily Caller:

Murthy’s group Doctors for America hosted none other than Jonathan Gruber to speak at its first expert panel after hosting the January 2013 event “Gun Policy After Newtown.” Gruber spoke at Murthy’s event on the Supreme Court case, then upcoming, that upheld the constitutionality of Obamacare’s individual mandate.

Gruber publicly supported Murthy’s 2012 activist campaign, the “Patients Over Politics bus tour” to Washington, D.C. to support Obamacare in the run-up to Justice Thomas Roberts’ infamous decision in the case.

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