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You must be an idiot if? You appoint a cable lobbyist to head the FCC (in the name of commitment to “net neutrality” lol)

Obama is So Committed to Net Neutrality He Appointed a Cable Lobbyist to Head the FCC

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How stupid are progressives when it comes to Obama? There’s a zone there between “lying to us” and “lying to yourself”.

Take this WaPo profile of the supposed division between Obama and his own FCC chairman. Obama is currently pretending that Net Neutrality is a big priority for him. (Pay no attention to all his golfing sessions with the CEO of Comcast.)

So you would think that his appointee would share his priorities. That’s the way it works in every other field. Obama is against Voter ID, for illegal immigration, for gun control, etc… and he appoints people who share his priorities.

So whom did he appoint to chair the FCC?

The dissonance between Obama and Wheeler has the makings of a major policy fight affecting multibillion-dollar industries. The president wants clear rules to prevent Internet service providers from auctioning the fastest speeds to the highest bidders, a scenario that could favor rich Web firms over start-ups.

Wheeler, a former lobbyist for the cable and telecommunications industry, has floated proposals that aim to limit the ability of service providers to charge Web companies, such as Netflix or Google, to reach their customers. But critics have argued that his approach would give the providers too much leeway to favor some services over others.

Given the high stakes, White House aides had wrestled over whether Obama should publicly prod the FCC to adopt the strongest rules possible on the “net neutrality” issue. Ultimately, aides felt that a public stance would galvanize allies in Congress as well as young, tech-savvy progressives, a key part of the Democratic base, according to several people familiar with the matter. The decision to speak out also comes as Democrats are aggressively courting Silicon Valley in preparation for the 2016 campaigns.

That’s the key point here.

Obama appointed Wheeler. He wasn’t a Google lobbyist. He was a cable lobbyist. That meant he was there to assure them that net neutrality was off the table.

Now the media is pretending that there’s a split between them. There’s no split. Obama knew who Wheeler was. If he believed in net neutrality, he never would have appointed him.

The two men have long been allies. Wheeler raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Obama’s campaign and advised the president on his transition into the White House. Obama last year appointed Wheeler to lead the FCC as it was poised to tackle its biggest issue in years — the rules that govern content on the Web.

It’s all about the money. Making two industries fight each other means money will pour in.

Obama takes the popular position to score votes. Wheeler gets staked out by Obama to take the unpopular one while defending his industry’s interests.

The donations will decide everything, but I would count on a compromise which protects big donors on both sides and screws consumers because that’s how things work around here. Ted Cruz was right about the ObamaCare analogy. The implications of that mean a deal that will benefit the big players while pulling off a political power grab.

But it’s equally likely that this whole thing is nothing more than a show.

Obama needs to look cool right now. He never had any commitment to net neutrality. Wheeler’s appointment proves it. But the media and progressives continue to be too stupid to see through Obama.


Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is a New York writer focusing on radical Islam. He is completing a book on the international challenges America faces in the 21st century.



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