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On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month: In Honor of Veterans Day 2014

Today we honor those who have for generations honored their oath to “support and defend” the Liberty enshrined in our Constitution.

On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month: In Honor of Veterans Day 2014. (and more from our friends at the Patriot Post).

A Military Family on Veteran’s Day

Elise Cooper

Those who do serve in today’s all-volunteer military tend to come from military families, with the profession handed down from one generation to the next. More

Our Military Is the Most Important Organization on Earth

“…the character of the overwhelmingly majority of men and women who volunteer to risk their lives for this country in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and the Coast Guard are the reason the U.S. military is the most important organization on Earth. Should you come across a member of the U.S. military, past or present, on this Veterans’ Day or any other day of the year, please say thank you.” !

The Continental Marines were established this day in 1775: To all our Naval Infantry brethren, Semper Fi!

Veterans Day — The Patriot Post

Nov 11, 2013 On the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month… This Day is set aside now,  in honor of American Patriot Veterans, who have carried the …

Mark Alexander: Veterans Day Profile: Point Man, Roger Helle …

Nov 9, 2007 “Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.” –John Adams. “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his …

Mark Alexander: Election Day v. Veterans Day: A tale of two oaths …

Nov 10, 2006 It is no small irony that Election Day and Veterans Day fall in the same week.  Veterans and elected officials all have one thing in common: Upon …

Duty, honor, country: Reflections on the highest calling…

Nov 11, 2005 –Thomas Paine. Today is Veterans Day. It is appropriate that 11 November also  commemorates the signing of the Mayflower Compact in 1620.

PATRIOTPOST MIL MISSIONThe Patriot Post Mission of Service to our Armed Forces

The Patriot Post is a leading advocate for individual liberty, the restoration of constitutional limits on government and the judiciary, and the promotion of free enterprise, national defense and traditional American values. More…


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