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USA – 1 Chart: Full 2014 Election Results / Plus Mia Love; Scott Walker; the bogus and failed war on women; a young republican lady and now youngest state lawmaker-elect in the nation; and more

The Only Chart You Need: Full 2014 Election Results

Kelsey Harris / @KelsRenHar / November 05, 2014

Last night was a wave election for Republicans. Check out our chart to see exactly how many seats they picked up.

>>>Read more: Republicans Take US Senate, Build Majority in House, Grab Governorships

For more election coverage, visit The Daily Signal’s Election 2014 special section.


Mia Love: ‘I Wasn’t Elected Because of the Color of My Skin’


Beyond Washington, Republicans Seize Control of State Capitals


Megyn Kelly, Dana Perino Analyze Why Democrat ‘War on Women’ Rhetoric Failed This Cycle

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino talk about Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., and his failure to win reelection, despite making his campaign about the… Read More


This Young Republican West Virginia Teen Ran For Office – And Won

On Tuesday, Saira Blair of West Virginia became the youngest state lawmaker-elect in the nation. Blair is an 18-year-old freshman at West Virginia University. According… Read More

She ran as a Republican on what she calls a “fiscally conservative platform,” is pro-jobs, and says that she is “pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-Constitution.”

The 3 Most Important Takeaways from Election 2014

Mike Needham / @MikeNeedham / November 05, 2014

National and local newspapers in New York on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 report on the results of the previous day’s mid-term elections. (Photo: Richard B. Levine/Newscom)

This morning we woke up to a changed America.

Republicans now control 52 seats and counting in the Senate, and expanded their majority in the House. Importantly, these majorities were won by committing to repealing Obamacare and standing for conservative priorities. Republicans also gained at the state level, picking off governorships in liberal-leaning states and strengthening conservative legislatures.

Last night bodes well for conservative ideas and the conservative movement.

The Republican victories we saw last night demonstrate three key lessons:

1. Candidates win when they campaign on conservative principles. In race after race, Republicans who won campaigned on repealing Obamacare, stopping amnesty, and restoring limited, constitutional government. Remember: just a year ago, the Establishment told us that fighting Obamacare would cost Republicans in the election.

2. The American people are frustrated with the status quo in Washington. But the Establishment is already trying to claim victory. That makes it all the more important that we fight to rein in big government and end business-as-usual cronyism in Washington, where the well-connected get favors from those in power.

3. The hard work starts now. Winning elections is important. But what you do when you win is more important still, since it enables legislative victories and future political success. We have to ensure this new crop of lawmakers sticks to their conservative campaign promises. In less than a week, Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action staff will meet with every newly-elected representative and senator to start building relationships. Over the coming weeks and months, we will start educating them on the issues, reinforcing them in their home districts and pushing them to vote on principle.

So much of the credit for these successes goes to men and women across the country who have made the future of our great country their business.

A year ago, we chose to make 2014 a “year of Action” . . . Heritage Action. We pushed for a conservative policy agenda to define the conservative effort as not only about stopping President Obama but standing for Americans who feel unheard — and are right to feel unheard. Just compare where our movement is today to where it was the day before our Conservative Policy Summit in February, or before Americans tired of the status quo stood up and took action

Heritage Action and our many activists across the country will continue to fight for the principles that have made America great: free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values and a strong national defense.


Watch This Virginia Voting Machine Select the Candidate This Voter Didn’t Vote For

An anonymous Virginia voter has posted a YouTube video of a voting machine selecting the wrong candidate. In the video, the voter attempts to select… Read More



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