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USA – Voter Fraud, according to Dems, just a figment of our imaginations right. NO, proof, illegal voting / illegals voting, in various states; and they know it, look the other way, even encourage it !!!

North Carolina investigating voter fraud by Democrats

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November 2, 2014 3:36 PM MST

North Carolina investigating allegations of voter fraud by Democrats.

Screengrab/YouTube/Project Veritas Action

A new video released last week by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas shows Democratic campaign workers in North Carolina appearing to help someone posing as an illegal immigrant cast a ballot. On Friday, Breitbart.com said the North Carolina State Board of Elections has launched an investigation into the allegations presented by the video.

"We have folks who are investigating it. We actually have one of our people going down to Charlotte today to look into this matter more fully,” said State Board of Elections spokesman Josh Lawson. He also said the board has requested Project Veritas provide the full, unedited video.

"It is illegal to vote as a non-citizen," Breitbart said. "It is also illegal to assist non-citizens to vote."

Recently, an audit revealed that more than 1,400 non-citizen immigrants are on North Carolina’s voter rolls. According to Lawson, about 20 have already cast early ballots or voted absentee.

“These are folks that based on the database comparisons from Homeland Security and from the DMV showed up as non-citizens, but they have not had a hearing yet,” he said. "So it is not like I could say to you definitively non-citizens are voting.” About 226 of the 1,425 illegal immigrants have voted in previous elections.

“We’re looking today to finalize a guidance to the counties regarding a challenge procedure in the event that an individual flagged by the citizenship audit shows up to the polls," Lawson added. "So we’re hoping to get that out to the counties later this afternoon.”

In late October, the Washington Post said that while a comparatively small number of these immigrants vote, the participation rate was sufficient to give the election to Democrats in some close races. Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., for example, won in 2008 with only 312 votes. The Post also said it was possible that Obama won North Carolina as a result of votes by non-citizens.

It’s also not the first time North Carolina has been the subject of stories involving voter fraud. Earlier this year, we reported that a study provided evidence of massive fraud in the state in the 2012 election. The study found that 35,750 voters with the same first and last name and date of birth were registered in North Carolina and another state and voted in both states in 2012. The same year, one man reportedly bragged about voting multiple times for Barack Obama. In 2011, three North Carolina Democrats admitted voting for Barack Obama twice. Now, Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., is locked in a tight race with Republican state House Speaker Thom Tillis.

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Maryland, Illinois Voting Machines May be Rigged for Democrats

Tuesday, 28 Oct 2014 11:28 AM

By Melanie Batley


A number of voting machines in Maryland and Illinois are electronically switching Republican votes to the Democrats, raising suspicions that fraud could be at the root of the alleged malfunction.

According to Watchdog.org, election officials in both states have characterized the problem as a "calibration issue," but a software developer and expert on touch screens used by U.S. intelligence agencies told Newsmax that the explanation was bogus.

"It’s a software issue, and it’s incredibly suspicious that a bug like that could slip through accidentally. It defies belief," said Tony Heller.

He said that any expert trained in the technology could figure out within minutes whether the problem with the software was accidental and deliberate.

"This is being used by the public for voting. Public trust is essential," he said. "It’s completely unacceptable that an official waved it off as a calibration issue. It’s something that can be easily verified and should be."

Maryland voters in multiple locations who were placing early ballots for the midterm elections found that when they pressed the touch screen in favor of Republican candidates, their votes appeared in the Democratic columns.

At least four voters in three different locations in Maryland experienced the problem.

"When I first selected my candidate on the electronic machine, it would not put the ‘x’ on the candidate I chose — a Republican — but it would put the ‘x’ on the Democrat candidate above it," said a voter from Frederick. "This happened multiple times with multiple selections. Every time my choice flipped from Republican to Democrat."

Queen Anne County Sheriff Gary Hofmann said he encountered the problem as well.

"This is happening here as well. It occurred on two candidates on my machine. I am glad I checked. Many voters have reported this here as well," Hofmann told Watchdog.

A Maryland election director, Joe Torre, described the problem as a "calibration issue" involving a single machine.

But the same problem has also occurred in Chicago, Illinois where early voting began last week, according to Watchdog.

"I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast a vote for my opponent," said GOP state House candidate Jim Moynihan. "You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat."

An Illinois elections official, Jim Scalzitti, also described the problem as a "calibration error," according to Watchdog.

Election officials in both states were notified of the problem, and those who reported having difficulties were ultimately able to cast the vote they intended. However, concerns remain about whether votes are being miscast in favor of the Democrats.

"I’m not sure what was done about it. If someone is not paying close attention, they could end up voting for the wrong candidate," one Maryland resident told Watchdog.

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Wasserman-Schultz, DNC hire army of lawyers to challenge election results

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Next: Obama’s ‘Dreamer’ agenda is payback for illegal alien votes: Study

November 2, 2014 8:21 AM MST

Wasserman-Schultz is already preparing to do battle with GOP winners on Election Day.

Courtesy of Accuracy in Media

The Democratic National Committee (DNC), led by its hard hitting and verbose chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, has hundreds of attorneys on retainer in order to fight the results of Tuesday’s elections if things don’t go their way, according a number of news stories on Sunday.

Voter identification laws appear to be the primary point of contention, with Republicans supporting the law and the Democrats opposing them. The DNC continues to use its "get out the vote" tactics while making allegations that the GOP is trying to "disenfranchise" minority voters, some of whom were proven to have been bused in from other districts or even states.

"These verbal tactics are beginning to become shopworn and bring to mind the words attributed to the father of Communism, Karl Marx: ‘Accuse other of what you do.’ If anything, it’s the Republican National Committee officials who should hire a million lawyers and private detectives to launch investigations into alleged voting irregularities," said former police detective and corporate fraud investigator.

While the Democrats claim voter fraud — especially voting by illegal aliens of ‘green card’ immigrants — is a figment of the Republicans’ imaginations, regardless of the studies that show illegal aliens indeed do register to vote and that the Democrats know it.

In one study, reported in an Examiner news story, it was shown that illegal aliens voting is not a "figment" of the GOP’s imagination:

"The CCES is an esteemed and highly respected operation at Harvard University that recently published shocking information, gathered from big social science survey datasets, that supports Judicial Watch’s work in this area. In 2012 JW launched the Election Integrity Project, a widespread legal campaign to clean up voter registration rolls and support election integrity measures across the country. Our investigations immediately uncovered data that proved voter rolls in a number of states—including Mississippi, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, Florida, California and Colorado—contained the names of individuals who are ineligible to vote."

While the DNC will deny it encourages illegal voting, a perfect example occurred during a congressional race in California between Democrat Francine Busby and Republican Brian Bilbray: Busby was heard on a tape recorder telling a room full of Latino illegal and legal immigrants that they didn’t need "papers" — meaning identification — to vote. At the time Busby led in the polls, but once talk radio shows across the nation played the recording, the GOP’s Bilbray decisively beat her on election day.

"A study released by the conservative think-tank the Heritage Foundation provides proof that illegal aliens and immigrants with green cards are committing rampant voter fraud in the United States. This is the reason that Democrats have supported "motor voter" legislation, to make it easier for voter fraud to occur, and why they have opposed voter IDs all of the way to the Supreme Court (where they lost in a suit against Indiana)," said Ted Lawrence, a political pollster and attorney.

While the mainstream news media are beginning to cover the story of rampant voter fraud perpetrated by liberal organizations such as ACORN, don’t expect reporters to provide anymore than a passing interest in preventing illegal aliens — or even legal immigrants — from voting.



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