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USA – NY – Why in this bottom state, Gov Cuomo has got to go! Reason #2: Cowardly Cuomo (and yet another act of hypo crisy)

#2: CowardlyCuomo
Here’s a quick multiple choice quiz:

Which politician (real or fictitious) called debates “a disservice to democracy?”

A. Frank Underwood

B. Tywin Lannister

C. Senator Palpatine

D. Andrew Cuomo

Yeah, we wish the answer weren’t so obvious, too.

Andrew Cuomo refused to debate Zephyr Teachout during the Democratic primary campaign this year. When pressed on the lack of debates, he responded that he thought debates were often a “disservice to democracy.”

Think about that. The Governor of the State of New York believe that debates are bad for democracy.

The statement rightfully set off a firestorm of media criticism. Here are two great pieces from the Daily News and New York Post taking Cuomo to task for his failure to participate in one of democracy’s most celebrated traditions.

The New York Post ran our #CowardlyCuomo graphic on page 4.

Cuomo’s statement was an act of hypocrisy, not just cowardice. When Cuomo was running behind in the 2002 gubernatorial primary, he said of debates:

“This is what a campaign should be all about – a good, honest discussion on the issues.”

Democrats punished Cuomo for his refusal to debate Teachout: he failed to win 2/3 support from his own Party on Primary Night.

Cuomo has done as great a disservice to democracy in the general election campaign as he did in the Democratic primary.

He agreed to debate Rob Astorino, but would only step in front of TV cameras if candidates from minor parties were also present. He refused to debate Rob one-on-one on television, despite Rob’s call for a series of regional debates and acceptance of debate invitations from several TV stations around the State.

Cuomo even waited until the day after the only debate to release his policy platform for a potential second term. With the plan released, we called on him to debate its contents but – you guessed it – nada.

Andrew Cuomo took part in one debate in 2014, and spoke for a total of 12 minutes. That’s all he gave us.

Democracy demands debates, but Andrew Cuomo is too afraid of laying his record bare before a television audience and a talented candidate like Rob Astorino to participate in them.

There’s no other way to put it: Andrew Cuomo is a coward.



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