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USA – NY – Why in this bottom state, Gov Cuomo has got to go! Reason #6: The Buffalo Boondoggle

#6: The Buffalo Boondoggle
Here are some scary facts:

If the fifty counties that comprise Upstate New York were their own state, that state would rank dead last in job creation.

New York has five metropolitan areas that rank in the bottom ten nationally, and ten that rank in the bottom twenty.

Of the 363 metropolitan areas in the country, Buffalo’s economy ranks #354.

Enter the "Buffalo Billion."

After getting shellacked in Western New York in 2010, Andrew Cuomo is peddling false economic hope to greater Buffalo in 2014. And his words will ring just as hollow as Hillary Clinton’s promise in her 2000 Senate campaign to create 200,000 jobs in Western New York.

The centerpiece of Cuomo’s empty promise is the Riverbend project, a plan to create jobs producing solar energy. But the companies that Cuomo claims are moving to Buffalo can’t fund new facilities without massive government subsidies.

As Buffalo’s own Carl Paladino put it:

"This is as crooked as the day is long! The day after the election, he’ll forget about Western New York."

But don’t just take Republicans’ word for it. The press has caught on to the idea that this project isn’t everything Andrew Cuomo says it is. Check out our recent roundups of investigative reports here, here and here.

There’s also a TV news story from WGRZ Buffalo here.

And by the way, if you live in Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton or anywhere else, sorry, Cuomo’s got nothing for ya.

We’ll let Carl take it from here. This is from his excellent op-ed in City & State last week:

At River-bend in Buffalo, Cuomo is subsidizing a solar panel company under Federal investigation with $750 million of taxpayer money to "buy" 1500 jobs ($500,000 per job.) The key word is "buy." Subsidies do not create a permanent atmosphere for job creation. They only cause an unleveled playing field which frustrates development, burdens taxpayers and adds to a dysfunctional business atmosphere that forces companies like Tyson Foods to send 300 jobs out the back door.

Texas has no income tax. They don’t buy jobs. Businesses move to Texas without subsidy because Texas has a government that serves the people. Instead of commending them as an illustration of good government our small minded press criticizes them for stealing our businesses.

Permanent job retention and development will only be achieved by cutting taxes and debilitating regulation. We need culture change in Albany. Buying jobs in an election year to create an illusion of investment in WNY is just more sick politics.

October 29, 2014
Earlier this month, the NYGOP released "Andrew Cuomo’s Bottom 10" to coincide with the Governor’s appearance on David Letterman. We’ll be recapping one of those items every day for the final ten days before Election Day. Today, here’s:


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