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USA – NY – Why in this bottom state, Gov Cuomo has got to go! Reason #10: A Teachout Moment

Earlier this month, the NYGOP released "Andrew Cuomo’s Bottom 10" to coincide with the Governor’s appearance on David Letterman. Starting today, we’ll be recapping one of those items every day for the final ten days before Election Day, starting with:
#10: A Teachout Moment
Andrew Cuomo is so unpopular within his own Party that the incumbent Governor couldn’t even wrap up the Democratic Party nomination without a primary.

Things were even worse over at the Working Families Party convention, where little-known Fordham Law Professor Zephyr Teachout nearly took the nomination. She was only stopped by Working Families Party bosses after Cuomo took a bribe from the Party, agreeing to support a Democratic takeover of the State Senate in exchange for the WFP ballot line. That’s a pretty clear violation of New York State Penal Code.

Ultimately, Cuomo was humiliated on Primary Night, unable to win 2/3 of the vote from his own party.

That wasn’t the worst of it. Check out the video below, in which Andrew Cuomo and running mate Kathy Hochul refuse to shake hands or even acknowledge Zephyr Teachout at a parade in New York City. Just in case the last four years didn’t make it clear, Andrew Cuomo might be the most thin-skinned politician in America:

Prof. Teachout did receive the last laugh, though. As of Friday, her book, Corruption in America, is ranked #3,087 on Amazon’s topseller list, a full month after its release. Less than two weeks after its release, Andrew Cuomo’s vapid memoir, All Things Possible, ranks #14,643.



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