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USA – NY – Why in this bottom state, Gov Cuomo has got to go! Re ason #4: A Prevalent Pattern of Pay to Play (a/k/a corruption, g raft, cronyism)!

#4: A Prevalent Pattern of Pay to Play
This one is scary.

The Astorino campaign cross-referenced Cuomo campaign donors with companies that received state contracts from Andrew Cuomo. What they found is shocking: the list of companies that Cuomo is involved in pay-to-play schemes with totals 100 pages.

In exchange for $2.7 million in campaign donations, these companies received $7.2 billion in state contracts.

We just can’t do this memo justice, so take a look at it yourself here. (*** more below)

Here’s what Rob had to say when the campaign released the memo:

"This perfectly illustrates Mr. Cuomo’s modus operandi. He promises to do what the voters most want; then when the camera lights go dark he turns around and does the exact opposite. Mr. Cuomo has played New York reformers for fools, whether they be from the political left, right or center."

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

October 31, 2014
Earlier this month, the NYGOP released "Andrew Cuomo’s Bottom 10" to coincide with the Governor’s appearance on David Letterman. We’ll be recapping one of those items every day for the final ten days before Election Day. Today, here’s:

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*** Contracts to donors

This document examines only the most obvious examples of pay to play – that is, state contractors who donated to Andrew Cuomo’s gubernatorial campaign fund.

This document does not account for the myriad of other ways in which favors are doled out to campaign donors. For example, we still have yet to examine: lobbying & legislative benefits, tax breaks and incentives paid from state authorities or development corporations, vendors to those same authorities, jobs given to principals, favorable rules from the executive branch to regulated industries (watch out, Cablevision) and so forth. This document does not attempt to connect individuals who donated to the companies who have donated, although there are plenty of examples of such. These findings also don’t account for the common practice of sending campaign funds via one company while the contract goes to a connected company. Moreover this document does not account for other ways in which companies provide some value to Cuomo apart from campaign donations. We will be looking into companies where Cuomo’s associates have received jobs, the landlords of Cuomo friendly firms, in-kind donors, donors to the state Democratic Party fund, charitable organizations, firms where Cuomo has received a salary or a fee, and so on. Finally, we have also not touched on the propriety of the companies and individuals who have donated. A fair number of these organization and individuals have had legal problems. Some of them are in highly regulated industries, such as gaming.

But don’t worry: all that information is forthcoming. Given that this information is only the most basic cross reference of donors to state contracts, and the numbers are quite sizable, when we actually look deeper we are sure to find an even greater connection between state favors and Cuomo donors.

This document is just to “get you started.”



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