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USA NY Education – The corruption, perversion, and degradation of our schools continues: More sexual predators busted / Teachers asked to not call students ‘boys and girls’ / Liberalism is a disease !!!

sex-crazed teacher wore risque outfits to school events (accused of abusing girls may have targeted boys, too)

Ny Post By Susan Edelman View author archive

October 19, 2014 | 1:35am

Teacher Sean Shaynak, accused of sexually abusing students, as seen in two yearbook photos at Brooklyn Tech wearing questionable costumes.

He dressed like this — and no one said anything?

Brooklyn Tech teacher and alleged sex predator Sean Shaynak attended the school’s senior Masquerade Ball in the fall of 2012 dressed as Britney Spears in her “Hit Me Baby One More Time” Catholic-schoolgirl getup.

He wore pigtails, a wig, falsies, a tied white shirt baring his midriff, and a tiny plaid miniskirt, very low-slung.

A chaperone for the 2009 ball, he was voted “most unique” — dressed as a French maid in a short dress — and reportedly “flashed his rear end.”

“Someone should have told him he was crossing the line,” a colleague said, noting Principal Randy Asher was at the dance.

But no one did, until Shaynak, 44, was busted on Aug. 26 for allegedly sending a 16-year-old student a picture of his penis. On Sept. 30, he was charged in a 36-count indictment with kidnapping, forcible touching and sex abuse against six teen girls between 2011 and 2014.

Shaynak’s inappropriate behavior went ­unchecked for years.

After joining the prestigious 5,400-student school in February 2009, Shaynak was “protected,” staffers say, because Asher wanted the licensed pilot to lead a prized aerospace program.

“That gave him free rein. They turned a blind eye to his indiscretions,” one said.

Shaynak had just five years’ experience as a substitute in city schools when Asher hired him at Brooklyn Tech.

He quickly became the principal’s pet, staffers said. Asher launched the aerospace program, and the school’s alumni association donated a $1,400 computer flight simulator.

Asher once told a faculty meeting that Shaynak was Brooklyn Tech’s “most valuable teacher” because only he could run the program, a staffer recalled.

Meanwhile, Shaynak openly smoked cigarettes outside the school, ­always surrounded by a bevy of students — mostly girls.

One staffer said he saw Shaynak walking near the school with a tall Russian girl.

“They looked like a couple,” recalled the staffer, who said he didn’t report possible abuse because he figured “nobody could be that stupid.”

Shaynak, who taught math, was also improper in the classroom.

“Can you read or are you f- -king blind?” he asked a boy and screamed at students ­using the F-word, states a sole letter of reprimand put in his personnel file in June 2012. He admitted losing his temper.

Teachers said students told them Shaynak let kids hide in his room while cutting classes.

“He taught garbage but gave grades in the high 90s, so no one complained,” one said.

Brooklyn teacher arrested for molesting at least 5 girls

Published: September 25, 2014 | 10:10am

A Brooklyn teacher accused of molesting several students has been arrested, cops said. Omil Carrasquillo, 36, who worked at P.S. 249, The Canton School in Flatbush, allegedly molested at least…

City didn’t protect 3rd grader from predator teacher: suit

Published: May 8, 2014 | 5:05pm

The family of a 10-year-old girl who was allegedly abused by her public school teacher is suing the city for $1.1 million, claiming officials could have prevented the horrific incidents….

NJ High School Teacher Charged With Sexually Assaulting 5 Students


A New Jersey teacher has been charged with two more counts of sexually assaulting male students. Nicole Dufault, 35, of Caldwell was arrested and charged Tuesday with sexually assaulting five students at Columbia High School in Maplewood…

‘Gender-inclusive’ handout: teachers asked to not call students ‘boys and girls’

Administrators at Irving Middle School in Lincoln, Neb., distributed a handout to teachers encouraging them to learn more about gender identity. After the paper caught national attention, school officials had to explain they were only trying to create a more inclusive environment for all students and were not pushing any other sort of ‘agenda.’

BY Michael Walsh NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Published: Friday, October 10, 2014, 1:52 PM

A Nebraska middle school distributed “gender-inclusive” guidelines encouraging teachers to avoid calling their students boys and girls.

Instead, the handout suggested, students at Irving Middle School in Lincoln could be referred to as campers, athletes or even “purple penguins.”

With the handout, titled “Gender Spectrum,” administrators at Lincoln Public Schools were presumably seeking to help students who identify — or might one day identify — as transgender to not feel alienated.

“Always ask yourself, ‘Will this configuration create a gendered space?'” the handout reads.

If teachers need students to get in two lines, they were asked to have the children separate by preferences: skateboards or bikes, milk or orange juice, dogs or cats, etc.

Brenda Leggiardo, a spokesperson for the school district, tried to squash some parents’ concerns that the district was pushing a left-wing agenda.

“The agenda we’re promoting is to help all kids succeed,” Leggiardo told the Lincoln Journal Star. “We have kids who come to us with a whole variety of circumstances, and we need to equitably serve all kids.”

But several media outlets, including Fox News, looked at the handout as political correctness run-amuck and asked, “what’s a gender-neutral term for morons?”

Perhaps the most controversial suggestion was to avoid phrases like “you guys” or “ladies and gentlemen” and instead create classroom names.

“Purple penguins” was given as a example.

On Thursday, Superintendent Steve Joel responded to the national commotion by saying it’s a shame that the staff has had to dedicate itself to addressing an issue that isn’t even based on fact, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

“Never once has anyone inside our system mandated that a teacher take (the words) ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ or ‘ladies’ and ‘gentlemen’ out of their interactions with children or interaction with adults,” Joel said, according to the local paper.

“There’s no policy, there’s no procedure, there’s no changes being made to bathrooms in schools.”


In Our Colleges and Schools Ignorance and Indoctrination Go Hand in Hand

Irresponsible “education” is the most we can expect.

American Spectator By 10.15.14

Goddard College’s recent decision to have its students addressed from prison by a convicted cop killer is just one of many unbelievably irresponsible self-indulgences by “educators” in our schools and colleges.

Such “educators” teach minorities born with an incredibly valuable windfall gain — American citizenship — that they are victims who have a grievance against people today who have done nothing to them, because of what other people did in other times. If those individuals who feel aggrieved could sell their American citizenship to eager buyers from around the world and leave, everybody would probably be better off. Those who leave would get not only a substantial sum of money — probably $100,000 or more — they would also get a valuable dose of reality elsewhere.

Nothing is easier than to prove that America, or any other society of human beings, is far from being the perfect gem that any of us can conjure up in our imagination. But, when you look around the world today or look back through history, you can get a very painfully sobering sense of what a challenge it can be in the real world to maintain even common decency among human beings.

Living just one year in the Middle East would be an education in reality that could obliterate years of indoctrination in grievances that passes for education in too many of our schools, colleges, and universities. You could go on to get a postgraduate education in reality in some place like North Korea.

If you prefer to get your education in the comfort of a library, rather than in person amid the horrors, you might study the history of the sadistic massacres of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire or the heart-wrenching story of Stalin’s man-made 1930s famine in the Soviet Union that killed as many millions of people as Hitler’s Holocaust did in the 1940s.

Mao’s man-made famine in China killed more people than the Soviet famine and the Nazi Holocaust combined. And we should not deny their rightful place in history’s chamber of horrors to the 1970s Cambodian dehumanization and slaughters that killed off at least a quarter of the entire population of that country.

What about slavery? Slavery certainly has its place among the horrors of humanity. But our “educators” today, along with the media, present a highly edited segment of the history of slavery. Those who have been through our schools and colleges, or who have seen our movies or television miniseries, may well come away thinking that slavery means white people enslaving black people. But slavery was a worldwide curse for thousands of years, as far back as recorded history goes.

Over all that expanse of time and space, it is very unlikely that most slaves, or most slave owners, were either black or white. Slavery was common among the vast populations in Asia. Slavery was also common among the Polynesians, and the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere enslaved other indigenous peoples before anyone on this side of the Atlantic had ever seen a European.

More whites were brought as slaves to North Africa than blacks brought as slaves to the United States or to the 13 colonies from which it was formed. White slaves were still being bought and sold in the Ottoman Empire, decades after blacks were freed in the United States.

What does all this mean?

In addition to the chilling picture that it paints of human nature, it means that Americans today — all Americans — are among the luckiest people who have ever inhabited this planet. Most Americans living in officially defined poverty today have such things as central air-conditioning, cable television, a microwave oven, and a motor vehicle.

A scholar who spent years studying Latin America said that what is defined as poverty in the United States today is upper middle class in Mexico.

Do we still need to do better? Yes! Human beings all over the world are not even close to running out of room for improvement.

There is so much knowledge and skills that need to be transmitted to the young that turning schools and colleges into indoctrination centers is a major and reckless disservice to them and to American society, which is vulnerable as all human societies have always been, especially those that are decent.


About the Author

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. His website is www.tsowell.com. To find out more about Thomas Sowell and read features by other Creators Syndicate columnists and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate Web page at www.creators.com.

Public education today: Liberalism is a disease !!!

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” – Adolf Hitler

“There is no absurdity so palpable but that it may be firmly planted in the human head if you only begin to inculcate it before the age of five, by constantly repeating it with an air of great solemnity.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

“Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool” – Plato

This weeks’ winning entry, – Anti-Americanism, Marxism, Porn, Pedophilia Now Available in the Classroom, does a great job in exposing h the organized mind rape and indoctrination of America’s children in the public schools by the implementation of the Common Core program. Here’s a slice:

Did you know that ‘our bodies, being products of eating, are immoral by essence’, and ‘consumption not only bites the world but lessens the leftovers for everyone else’? […] “procreation has become an unintentional act of aggression against the fellow multitudes already cramming the planet.”

~ from The American Experience, a propagandized high school literature text

Leftist revisionist history is seen through a negative, bleak, self-flagellating prism and it is now permeating our schools thanks to Common Core.



This School Thinks ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’ Are Dirty Words

Concerned with offending children who may be confused about their gender, they have decided to shove their heads in the sand and androgynize all the students. ‘Girls’ and ‘Boys’ are words of concern in the Lincoln Public Schools.

Have they lost their minds? Has our society been so hijacked by political correctness that we can no longer be identified by what we are?

The Lincoln Public Schools used a “Genderbread Person” as an example to teach educators to no longer identify students by their gender. Rather than being boys and girls, students now should be considered sexless cookies because, “Gender is one of those things everyone thinks they understand, but most people don’t.”

Gender Inclusive Handout From Lincoln Public Schools
Gender Inclusive Handout From Lincoln Public Schools

Let’s be honest and call this what this is: This is a war on males.

With screams of “Patriarchy!”, feminists are stereotyping men as either rapists or men who want to be rapists with their #YesAllWomen nonsense. This intended psychological castration of males is now extending to the elementary classroom. It is not okay to make boys feel bad about being boys just like it is not okay to make girls feel bad about being girls. We are what we are. And if that offends someone, then that is her problem.

We don’t check our gender at the door when we enter a building. If someone has gender identity issues and wants to be referred to as the opposite sex, fine. But why should those who do not have such problems be made to feel as though something is wrong with them?

Confidence shouldn’t be punished. And that is exactly what this school district is attempting to do.

Rachel Terry, a parent of children in the district, is not very impressed or amused at the districts attempts to androgynize students.

“By sidelining academic teacher training and replacing it with social re-engineering, the LPS administration has placed a higher priority on social reformation than on education.”

We all can identify with kids who are picked on at school. Most of us experienced this at some point during our primary and secondary education. While not fun at the time, I must admit that it made me stronger and able to deal with being pushed around as an adult.

I was a tomboy. I preferred to participate in more male dominated activities. I rarely brushed my hair. I wouldn’t wear a dress. I was sometimes teased for these things. But, it never crossed my mind that I wasn’t a girl. These activities didn’t define my gender or my sexuality. They are part of my personality. I didn’t care if I was teased. I threw some insults back and went on my way. What a valuable lesson to carry into adulthood. I don’t look to others to define me. I’ll do that myself. And if anyone attempts to define me, I know how to stand my ground. I learned this on the playground.

Having children grow up in a bubble will not prepare them to handle the challenges of adulthood.  I am not advocating the bullying of other children.  I’m saying let them be children.

I have more confidence in children working things out than I have of helicopter staff policing words. How are these children going to handle obstacles in the workplace if they aren’t given this autonomy during childhood?

And why should the vast majority of children who identify with their gender not be able to do so?  Because the self confidence they have might hurt the feelings of one child in the classroom?  A more common sense approach would be to allow that child to work on increasing his confidence rather than stripping it from others.

For these people it is better to tear everybody down, than to lift up a few. 

We are in trouble if our educators fail to recognize the basic tenants of our being — our gender.

Denying what we are, ultimately denies who we are.

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