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AT Articles: No, Obama Isn’t ‘Worse Than We Thought’. Huh? Read on…

… The shocking thing about the present moment is the Bourbon aspect. Not Kentucky, but French, as in: liberals seem to have forgotten nothing and learned nothing.

We had a little reminder of that this week as liberal commentators sank onto their fainting couches while poring over econ prof Dave Brat’s mild reference to government’s monopoly on violence. Apparently Brat has read German sociologist Max Weber, but our educated journalists have not. Here’s a bit more German political philosophy for you liberals — from Austrian George Jellinek. A state must have “Staatsvolk, Staatsgebeit, und Staatsgewalt” or state people, state territory, and state power.

Personally, I like to take my political philosophy neat, as in: Government is Force. Period.

Obama isn’t worse than we thought; liberalism is worse than we thought. We conservatives thought we had won the argument over administered bureaucracy vs. market solutions. We were wrong. We thought we had buried Keynes for good. We were wrong. We thought we had re-established the idea of hard money. We were wrong. We thought political correctness was a joke. We were wrong.

We must now confront reality. Our present ruling class of the educated elite will always be like this.They will always try to govern with comprehensive and mandatory administrative programs like ObamaCare for health care and Dodd-Frank for finance. They will always think that you stop corporate shenanigans with another Sarbanes Oxley springtime for form-fillers. And they will always chicken out of genuine spending reform with Keynesian cheap money and stimulus. They will always be political and cultural bullies. Because that is who they are and that is what they do.

The only way out of this mess is to replace the current ruling class with another one.

Maybe that was the lesson of Cantor vs. Brat last week. We may say of Cantor, given the gracious manner of his leaving, that he is a class act. But the problem is that Eric Cantor was doing deals with the ruling class, with flood-the-zone immigration, with the crony capitalist Ex-Im Bank reauthorization. The Tea Party is saying: No. We are done with all that. The old way is broken; we have to make a clean break with the past…




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